National Geographic Investigates the Science of Guitar Spins

And now, for this week in giant media conglomerates publishing content related to Internet content, National Geographic goes under the hood of the science behind spinning a guitar around your body.


Now, while it is really cool that this got made at all, it’s a bit disappointing that given scientists at Cornell have gone so far as to program mosh pit simulators, that National Geographic basically just say the words “centripetal force” (which should wake you up out of your regularly scheduled high school physics nap) over the top of a bunch of pretty old guitar fail memes. I mean, it’s cool to have the reasons why some of these spins went wrong spelled out, but given the budgets this project probably has, I would have liked to have seen them put in some legwork on testing strap tension, application of force, etc etc.

Check out the clip below:

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