Writing A Song From RANDOM Drum Grooves 9 Feat. COURTNEY LAPLANTE of SPIRITBOX

To wrap up Toontrack’s Metal Month for 2020, we are pleased to present the final episode of Writing a Song From RANDOM Drum Grooves for this year, featuring SPIRITBOX vocalist COURTNEY LAPLANTE! If you’re unfamiliar with the series, our very own Trey Xavier writes a metal song entirely based on random dice rolls that determine which MIDI drum grooves he picks from Toontrack’s extensive sample library. Even though it’s completely random, you can always count on Trey to write an absolute banger of a tune, and on top of that, the featured guest musician never fails to kick things up a notch with what they bring to the table. Check it!


The sounds in this video are courtesy of the new Modern Metal EZX from Will Putney for EZDrummer 2 and the Metal EBX expansion for EZBass, both new releases for this year’s Metal Month – and there’s still more deliciously metal content to come! Stay tuned out there.

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