Let’s Write A SLIPKNOT Song! EMG Jim Root “Daemonum” Pickup Set Demo

Today on “Let’s Write A Song”, I take on the mighty Slipknot. Can I create a track that sounds convincingly enough like the 9 that it fools the casual listener? Only one way to find out!


Apparently, it doesn’t take a whole hell of a lot to get me to play dress-up. I guess it’s called “cosplay” now? I dunno, this doesn’t feel like playing – THIS IS SRS BSNSS U GUYS! (tapes tortilla to face)

Really though, when EMG Pickups sent me the new for 2020 Jim Root “Daemonum” set to try, I immediately knew what I had to do. I’m not like a Slipknot megafan (they’re called Maggots, Trey) but I do enjoy them quite a bit, so it wasn’t that weird for me to order a Jim Root mask and jumpsuit from Amazon.

Writing songs is my jam, and getting into the spirit of writing a song that sounds like another band requires a bit of method, so getting the tone right and getting in the mood was important. Once I had dialed in the guitar sound with those pickups and the right tuning, everything else came together pretty easily.

Check out the video above to see how you like the sound of the EMG JR Daemonum pickups, and you can get a set for yourself right here if it suits your fancy.

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