Dream Theater is the premiere prog metal band for Planet Earth, flying the banner proudly for 35 years with countless awards to their name and leading the genre since 1985.


John Petrucci has long been a guitar hero of mine, and I spent more hours than I care to think about with his Rock Discipline lesson video (on VHS, no less) pushing myself to be better. His line of signature EBMM guitars are some of the greatest guitars I’ve ever personally played. So I decided it was high time after being a fan for over 20 years that I should try my hand at writing a song in their style. It’s a bit of a gamble (like the kind you might find at this site) but that’s just how songwriting goes!

It turned out to flow pretty naturally, and I think maybe they’ve just influenced my writing so much that I don’t even really have to think about it – it’s just there.

Thanks to Witherfall members Alex Nasla, Anthony Crawford, and Bruno Valverde for dropping the heat on this track with me and to Ernie Ball Music Man for sending over the incredible JP15 guitar I used in this video.

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