JOHN PETRUCCI Opens the Possibilities With These Open String Techniques for Guitar


John Petrucci is sort of the token guitar guy now, right? Like, you talk about modern guitar, there’s no way that he doesn’t come up in the conversation. And with good reason. Petrucci has accomplished a lot in his short 50 years on Earth. So, if the man is teaching a guitar technique, chances are he knows what he’s talking about. Hey look – John Petrucci is teaching a guitar technique!

In this video from Guitar Center, Petrucci is talking about open string techniques, and incorporating them into lead melodies. He also goes a bit into theory, talking about different scales and modes, and how the open strings fit into them. Super cool stuff. Now, I’m sure all of the veteran guitarists out there will respond to this video with a “Well, duh.”, but for the rest of us who can’t shred like the wind, this seems like some pretty useful information.

If you (like me) think that this video can help your guitar playing, watch the heck out of it whydontcha? The comments will probably be all about how “____ is a much better guitarist than Petrucci.” and “You guys didn’t know this yet?” which is to be expected, so I’m just gonna let that happen. In the meantime, I’m going to try to figure out a way to save the rest of John’s face from that beard.

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