RABEA MASSAAD of Dorje and Toska Flaunts His Favorite Guitars on “Me and My Guitar”


Chapman Guitars’ pride and joy Rabea Massaad is sort of the internet’s little secret of a guitar player. Sure, his following has been growing steadily for years, but there’s always people who haven’t heard of the Hair to Rule the World. He deserves what he has and then some, especially his two signature Chapman guitars the ML3 Bea and the ML1 Bea, which he shows off in this new episode of “Me and My Guitar” from Total Guitar. The guitars look killer, most Chapmans do. They aren’t exactly my style, but you can never go wrong with Chapman quality at Chapman price point – I’ll let Rabea do the talking.

Rabea’s YouTube channel has everything you gearheads want on it, so do yourself a favor and watch some of those videos. He’s also in TWO bands  (that means he is extra cool) called Dorje and Toska, so find them on Facebook and like them out.

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