ANDREW BAENA Talks About How He Got So Big On YouTube (Via JOHN MCLUCAS)

Making a successful living off of YouTube is no easy feat (believe us!), but metal musician Andrew Baena has managed to do just that in recent months. The YouTube guitarist recently made it known that he had made the switch to making YouTube videos full-time, and fellow YouTuber John McLucas is here with this exclusive interview/thinkpiece with Andrew to talk about just that.


In the video, John takes a deep dive into how Andrew Baena is able to create a sustainable, full-time income on Youtube creating metal guitarist-focused content. He takes a look at his channels patterns, successes, and unique qualities that have all culminated in his continued success on the Youtube platform. All of this, combined with an interview with Andrew about his recent transition into full-time creating, makes the most comprehensive answer to the elusive question “How do I make a career playing music online?”

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