Behold! One Of The Final Songwriting Contest Videos

After a year of the songwriting contest, things have finally come to an end. Kenneth has retired, or is at least tired of taking such a beating over the past 12 months. Despite the end being near, Trey plans on absolutely fucking punishing himself getting through all 500 remaining entries throughout October. This means streams every Tuesday at 11:15AM PST, and they’re gonna be long as hell. Check out the first one below, which has… some pretty questionable songs.


This month’s songwriting competition has two prizes – the first place winner will get a brand new Vola OZ 7T Ocean Ocean Turquoise Metallic, while the fan favorite will get OZ V3 MC Vintage White. In addition, you can also check out the free 7 Day Riff-to-Song Challenge course right here and the (not free) Complete Rock and Metal Songwriting course here.

So why did the songwriting contest end? To make room for the new lyric writing course, of course! The course is finally available for all you up-and-coming lyricists out there right here, and is currently 50% off.

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