Headbanger’s Kitchen: The Bhayanak Bacon Bomb & Bhayanak Maut


Welcome to Headbanger’s Kitchen! Every week we’ll be bringing you an episode of the show where Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija cooks a spectacular meal for a metal band. Recipe and instructions for preparation are always included so you can make it at home. Hope you’re hungry!

In the initial days the premise of the show was to name the dish after the band, I used to love it when bands had adjectives in their name. Case in point: Bhayanak Maut. For those not familiar with the band, they are India’s most popular metal band, well at least in the top 3 for sure. Bhayanak means horrific/gruesome/terrible and maut means death, so I presume you strung the two words together. So on episode 2 I planned to make a Bacon Bomb which is a pork mince meatload stuffed with cheese, onions, peppers and then wrapped in bacon and covered in BBQ sauce and baked in the oven. It’s not surprise that this has become the sort of ‘signature’ dish of the show. The episode was extremely entertaining as I interviewed the dual vocal powerhouse of the band, Sunneith and Vinay.

I do hope you give this a try and really enjoy the recipe and the interview.



Bhayanak Bacon Bomb


– 500 grams pork mince

– Fresh Basil

– Spring Onion

– Red & Yellow Peppers

– Bacon

– Ham

– Rosemary

– Garlic Salt

– Pepper

– BBQ Seasoning

– Cheese

– BBQ Sauce


1. Mix the chopped basil with the pork.

2. Lay the pork out on the cutting board and spread into a square shaped base.

3. Season with garlic salt, pepper, rosemary and BBQ seasoning.

4. Top with spring onions, red and yellow peppers, fried bacon & ham and cheese.

5. Roll the pork mince over

6. Lay out the bacon strips and place the pork bomb in the center

7. Wrap the bacon around the pork bomb

8. Coat with BBQ sauce and cook in the oven for 45-60min at 250 C

9. Baste with BBQ sauce while cooking as well.

10. Serve and Eat.

Cheesy Potatoes


– Boiled Potatoes

– Butter

– Garlic Salt

– Pepper

– Italian Seasoning

– Cheese

– Fried Bacon & Ham (Optional)

– Spring Onions (Optional)


1. Cut the potato in half and scoop out the center of the potato.

2. Butter the potato.

3 Season with garlic salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.

4. Stuff the center with spring onions, fried bacon and ham.

5. Load the potato with cheese on top.

6. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes till the cheese turns golden brown.

7. Serve and Eat