UNIVERSUM GUITARS Showed Off Their Portable Folding Guitar at GUITCON


I thought I’d seen it all, people…and yet, how wrong I was. The world is a vast and strange place, and in a corner of the globe known as Ukraine, Universum Guitars are doing some pretty wonky shit. As the kind gentlemen demonstrates here, Universum makes an guitar that neatly folds up and fits in its own adorable little suitcase like a ventriloquist’s dummy.

Trey captured the magic at GuitCon last week, with all the skill and deftness of an archivist immortalizing humankind’s hidden gems. From the looks of it, whipping your folding guitar out and setting it up takes like 90 seconds. And that’s if you’re being super careful – pretty great stuff.

Check out Universum’s other instruments here.

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