DVNE Shows You How To Play “Towers” On Guitar – Exclusive Riff Rundown

Today we’re bringing you an exclusive riff lesson video with the one and only DVNE as guitarist Victor takes you through how to play their song “Towers”, from their new album ETEMEN ÆNKA, out now.


Victor is using a very unusual version of a 9-string guitar – it’s a 6 string with the top 3 strings doubled, and it has a pretty unique sound, as you’ll hear in the video.

Here’s what Victor is using for gear:

Hiwatt DR103 100 Watts (1971)

4×12 Oversized cab with two V30 and two G12T 75 speakers

Guitar is Gordon Smith Graduate double cut away 9 strings (top 3 strings are doubled)

Pic ups are Lollar imperial high wind humbuckers

Pedals used here; OCD full tone with a touch of reverb to thicken the sound from my Big Sky Strymon. All pedals go through my boss es8 switcher

Mics are SM57

I usually have a 2nd head live (Marshall JCM800 2204 1984) and an Orange 2×12 with G12t 75. And we use more stuff on albums“

Be sure to check out the rest of DVNE’s album ETEMEN ÆNKA, and you can hear them play the song through in this video as well:

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