DIGITECH May Have Gone Out Of Business?

DigiTech, arguably one of the biggest brands out there, appears to have been discontinued. DigiTech is no longer listed on their parent company Harman’s website, and every single product on the entirety of DigiTech’s website is currently listed as “not available.” Sure, there are some still left on Sweetwater, but that could very well just be the last of the stock sitting around before everything goes away.


Another viable answer to this could be that DigiTech brand got bought by someone else and Harman shuttered it completely. Though as Fluff points out in his below video, the DigiTech team was laid off in 2017 after Samsung bought Harman and production was moved. So… stay tuned, but man – can you imagine a world where the DigiTech Whammy didn’t exist? That thing straight up helped mold nü-metal as we know it.

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