TRIVIUM’S Matt Heafy is the Newest Combatant On Jared Dines’ SHRED WARS


Have you heard? Trivium’s back, baby! Coming in hot after their newest album The Sin and the Sentence, Matt Heafy gets challenged hard by Jared Dines in the newest episode of SHRED WARS.

I’m not much of a shred guy. I’m more interested in the rhythmic and structure parts of songs when it’s all said and done, but jeepers are these fun to watch. It’s always good to see our good buddy Jared doing cool things with big names and everyone just having a good time doing it. As for who won, I think Jared’s tone was way better and his playing was a little more solid, but I think Matt won that final round so it’s a tough call. Jared had a mic’d up bucket of cheese balls in the back of his portion, and I was half expecting that to burst in and win the whole thing.

Like previously mentioned, Trivium’s new album The Sin and the Sentence is out now and you can find it on their website. I’m sure you know about Jared’s channel, and you can find more metal silliness on it. Looks like Matt has a pretty active YouTube channel as well, check that out too!

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