Some Dude Makes a Bong Out of His Guitar

When it comes to getting high, stoners are surprisingly resourceful. With the pressure to find a suitable means of toking up mounting, seasoned smokers have been known to pull off incredible feats of human engineering in order to rip another bongload. Anyone who’s ever smoked weed has probably at least used an apple in the early years, or maybe even delved into homemade water bottle bong territory. In a no less impressive display of blunted ingenuity, the guys in stoner metal band Weedian found a video of this dude turning his Explorer into a pipe. One thing is for sure, smokers love these kinds of inventions.

Well, if there was ever any debate about it, Explorers seem to have an advantage over Les Pauls when it comes to modifying them for, uh, alternative use. Time to slap a “For Tobacco Use Only” sticker on that badboy and take it to the local head shop.

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