TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: How Would You Deal With Your Guitar Not Working?


If your guitar suddenly stopped working on stage, what would you do? Throw it to the nearest person and grab another one? Punch the nearest guitar tech in the face, or just roll with it? Well, the good people at Blend Guitar have investigated some of the great moments of equipment failure on stage. From Alex Lifeson and Steve Vai to Paul Gilbert and Kirk Hammett, nobody is spared from the clutches of technical issues (muahaha). It can be every guitarist’s worst nightmare, so learn from these guys and see how it’s really done!

The big takeaway from this is that it doesn’t really matter how amazing of a guitar player you are; this shit can happen to anybody. And since the circumstances of technical issues are basically  inescapable while you’re on stage, what matters most is how you handle it. It’s probably best to not get that upset, because chances are it’s nobody’s fault, so why not just do a little dance?

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