Can A Pitch Shifted 6 String Sound Like An 8 String? PETE COTTRELL Does The Legwork

So you own a guitar. Maybe you own many guitars, maybe you have spent your life building a collection of guitars but you still don’t have an 8 string bloody guitar! The nicest man on the internet Pete Cottrell shows us that you don’t need an 8 string guitar in order to sound like you have an 8 string guitar.


In this vid, Pete uses a Digitech Whammy pitch shifting pedal to play a standard tuned guitar but lowered a whole octave. The sound it creates does have that girth and low tone to it that an 8 string does and it sounds rather meaty. On the badass riffs that Pete plays in the video it really is pretty convincing, and it would be hard to tell with your eyes closed whether he was riffing a 6 string with the pitch shifter or an 8 string. I’m sure some of you internet warriors will be able to tell straight away but I cannot.

Pete points out that it pretty much does the job of turning 6 strings in to 8, however there is a slight delay on picking the note on the guitar and actually hearing it. Is this the perfect trick for all guitarists then? Or just great for playing in your bedroom at your parents’ house? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Both sound fine, but I think the eight-string sounds better. The pitched-down guitar gets the tone right, but doesn’t have as much attack or vibrancy as the eight-string.

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