VEIL OF MAYA Premieres Wild New Song and Music Video “Outsider”

HOLY SMOKES! BOW de BOW BOW BOW! What better way to start the week with some djent onomatopoeia and some new music? Progressive metalcore veterans Veil of Maya are back with a brand-spankin’ new single to cure us of the quarantine blues. This came out of nowhere and I’m totally okay with that. The soaring chorus will definitely speak to fans that loved Matriarch and False Idol, yet the breakdowns in this song are MANIC and give me a little bit of Id vibes. Also, talk about a fucking LEFT TURN with that unexpected outro! What was that?! Guys, that’s the kind of shit that got me into VOM way back when The Common Man’s Collapse came out TWELVE years ago. Hopefully, the release of this single is a premonition to an album. I have a good feeling we’ll see more from these talented fellas soon. In the meantime, why dontcha check the dudes out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. DUN de BOW DUN DUN!

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