Make Your Metalzone Great Again – Anarchy Audio Mod

Remember when you first started playing metal and really wanted that ballsy Hetfield distortion? You knew that 10 watt Fender practice amp wasn’t gonna cut it. But your mom wouldn’t get you a Mesa Boogie either. What did you do? You waited for your birthday and asked your parents for a brand new Boss MT-2 Metalzone. It made you sound just like the Justice record, and your highschool thrash band played Metallica covers off into the sunset.


Now it’s 8 years later, your ears are a little wiser, and you’re really into the new wave of Powerviolence. For fun, you pull out the ol’ Metalzone, dust her off, and try playing through a Nails song. Eww. It has the tone of a tin can filled with bees. Well not anymore…

This dude from Australia will turn your tinny, weak MT-2 into a yuppie-destroying chainsaw. No longer will you face being outbid by hipster gear collectors on ebay for that vintage HM-2 pedal. That Entombedcore tone can finally be yours.

The idea of upcycling an old unwanted Metalzone into an on-trend, HM-2(ish) pedal is freakin’ genius. I hate seeing things go to waste and the only people left using these are 3rd-world bedroom guitarists playing Trivium covers. So, as soon as I get my hands on some POS 2nd hand MT-2, I am doing this.

Hit him up: Anarchy Audio website

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Demigod Zeke studies marketing & economics and produces his friends’ disgusting slam bands.

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