How Do Cheap Vs. Expensive Rigs Compare for Rock/Metal?


Jared Dines sat down with a number of guitars and amplifiers and did himself a little science experiment. As lovers of gear, there’s no doubt in my mind that any of us would opt for the higher-end stuff given the opportunity. But with real-life financial restrictions considered, just how well does cheap gear work for rock and metal?

With several rigs ranging from just $170 at the low, low end all the way to $5,700 at the nice, nice end, Mr. Dines demoed a riff in the mix through all four setups. Unsurprisingly, the Revv Generator 120 and EBMM Majesty at the top of the food chain sound absolutely tits. It might come as a bit of a shock, though, just how decent the $170 Squier + Ibanez practice amp sounds. I won’t say it sounds great or anything, but it does sound damn decent for less than a couple hundo. Have a listen for yourself and see what’s up.

Ultimately, the moral of this story is one we all know and would probably prefer not to believe: at the end of the day, the player makes the gear. Sure, the nice stuff makes life a little easier sometimes, but if all you have access to is a pink Squier Strat and crummy practice amp, by all means, riff away, friend. Thanks to Jared Dines for doing this fun little test!

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