TETRARCH Guitarists “Pull The Trigger” and Unleash This New Exclusive Guitar Playthrough


Is it that time of the week already? Another playthrough video? Well why not! Los Angeles (by way of Atlanta) metallers Diamond Rowe and Josh Fore of the band Tetrarch are here with a full (and exclusive!) guitar playthrough of their song “Pull The Trigger”.

These two rip (duh), but more importantly, it’s the way that they play together that caught my eye. These two have been the two driving forces behind the band since 2007, and it really shows. The two play beautifully together. They have a natural sense of groove that only comes with playing with someone as long as they have. This track has a pocket that runs deep with groove sauce. Take some for yourself and bob your head, you animal.

Tetrarch has a brand new album out called Freak, you can find it along with all of their other merch at their website. Hey look, they’re on Facebook too! What a wonderful world.

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