SHIKAKA – “They Always Come Back” Is Slow And Terrifying – Exclusive Dual Guitar Playthrough


Swedish death metal quintet Shikaka will release their debut EP Ocean of Blood on June 6th. The band teamed up with us for an exclusive premiere of the song “They Always Come Back.”

Watch the playthrough video above. Talking about the creative process of the EP, the band commented:

“We spent quite a lot of time on this EP and experimented a lot on different phases of production. For instance, we recorded the drums in a barn outside the city. we experimented on positioning the microphones in different parts of the barn to get a natural ambience. The songs were originally written by our drummer Erik Magnusson which after many rehearsals we did some changes on them and finalised the songs. We actually had more songs by the time that we recorded this EP, but we wanted to give everyone a taste of Shikaka while we still continue to write more songs. We used loads of sound effects that we ourselves recorded besides using orchestration in the songs.”

The EP was recorded at Worship Nothing Studios owned by Shikaka’s bassist Christofer Swahn, who also did mixing. The EP was mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studio.

Guitarist Babak Ahoorazaad used his custom Raijin 8 by Overload Guitars equipped with Lundgren M8 custom set. Johan Magnusson, who also handles vocals, used his Ibanez RG2228A equipped with DiMarzio Ionizers. The guitar rig also included TappAmp Chameleon, AxeFX, and Bugera 6262.

Christofer Swahn’s bass rig included ESP LTD F-104dlx, Sansamp, Ampeg SVT450, and Peavey TVX 4×10”.

Erik Magnusson’s drum kit is comprised of PDP kick drum 805, 24″, 16″, 18”, an unknown snare with 14”x8”, 22” Zildjian ride, 18″ and 19″ Masterwork crash, 18″ Meinl China, 8″ and 10″ Masterwork splashes, and 14″ East hihat.

Ocean of Blood is out on June 6. Follow Shikaka on Facebook here.

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