MUTE THE SAINT – “Welcome The Change” Guitar Playthrough by Josh Seguin

We have covered guitar phenom Josh Seguin many times on Gear Gods, and we have covered Rishabh Seen many times as well for his insane sitar covers of progressive metal songs. So when I heard that they were working together on a musical project, I knew it was gonna be huge.


Mute The Saint is the first band of its kind, combining prog metal and Indian classical music in a way that has never been heard before as far as I know. I’m no expert by any means, but I was in an Indian classical singing ensemble in college, and that shit was hard, so I can only imagine what it must be like to do it for real and combine it with ANOTHER crazy hard genre like prog.

Josh, however, seems to have little difficulty doing it in this playthrough of their song “Become The Change” from their debut album, available now. Watch him bend the 9 string guitar to his will.

Hear the full debut album from Mute The Saint here:

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