ECHOPRAXIA – Exclusive Guitar Playthrough of “Fukuro”

Echopraxia is the brainchild of Nashville-based guitarist/composer Austin Woodward. He released his debut album, Candle Cove, under that moniker on January 26th. This exclusive guitar playthrough of the album’s fourth track – “Fukuro” – has more demented circus/haunted house vibes than American Horror Story. Seriously, the underlying composition is a pretty fresh take on what gels with 8-string modern metal riffing. Have a look and a listen below:


For whatever reason, this track immediately reminded me of Blakkheim’s (Katatonia) old one-man “progressive black metal” band, Diabolical Masquerade. Though with much djentier riffage and less vocals, obviously.

Regardless, Austin is doing awesome stuff in Echopraxia, and even recruited Within the Ruins guitarist Joe Cocchi to aid in the production process. To top it all off, Vildjharta drummer Buster Odeholm mixed and mastered the whole thing. That’s quite the team, dude.

Aside from the crack ensemble behind-the-scenes, Candle Cove was built with the proper tools. Mr. Woodward employs Aristides guitars (featured in this playthrough), the Axe-Fx II, Ernie Ball strings, and Lone Wolf Audio FX to make his visions come to life. Metal!   

Check out Echopraxia on Facebook to stay abreast of any updates you’d otherwise miss, and give the album a proper spin over at Bandcamp!

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