DETHRONE THE SOVEREIGN Bring the Sickness With an Exclusive Drum Playthrough of “Harbinger of Pestilence”


Up and coming progressive deathcore-ists Dethrone the Sovereign are a force to be reckoned with. They have ferocity to hang with the hardcore crowd and the melody to snoot about with the prog kids, but by golly, it works for them. If you don’t believe it, watch this exclusive drum playthrough of the title track of their new album Harbingers of Pestilence.

The whole song has a cool Egyptian feel going on, blending with the modern metal that all the parents are telling their kids not to listen to. And on the pharaoh’s throne sits DERRIK (he’s the drummer). My man puts in everything he has in this thing. Even his goddamn beard is sweating, and I think I saw his tattoos out of breath. He had this to say about the song:

We are stoked to present the official drum playthrough for the title track from our full length record, Harbingers of Pestilence. This is one of my favorites to play from the album; it just has a unique structure that was really fun to write to. Some of the grooves and the kick patterns near the end were a challenge for me at this tempo initially, but it ended up being one of the more technical patterns we’ve written so learning it was worth it.

Watch and feel bad about your talents.

Harbingers of Pestilence is out and ready to be bought for your ear balls, you can find it and more merch here. The boys are also doing a bunch of shows speckled out throughout the spring, so if you like what you see, see it in person! Dates for those are on the band’s Facebook page.

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