LINE 6 HELIX, Meet ROSEN DIGITAL AUDIO Cab IRs; We Knew You’d Hit It Off

We’re nearly 2 months out from Christmas now and have had plenty of time to break in all that sweet new gear we got. Right? Well, G. Trevino has made fantastic use of the Line 6 Helix rack Santa brought him, as seen in the demo below. To get the absolute most out of the Helix, though, G.’s paired it with Rosen Digital cabinet IRs. In this case, a high-quality IR is a must to breathe some extra life into your guitar tone.


I gotta say, it sounds damn good. Have a listen below, both in and out of a mix:

I’m constantly impressed with the tones folks manage to pull out of their digital modelers. Of course, technical prowess and tonal know-how have a lot to do with that, but proper gear choice from the get-go makes a massive difference. While stock cabinet IRs can “get the job done,” you’ll want to up your game at some point.

That’s where Rosen Digital comes in, and G. has obviously managed to squeeze every ounce of awesome out of his Helix + Rosen IR set-up.

If you’ve been on-the-fence about purchasing custom cabinet IRs, give the demo a few proper listens. Once you’re convinced, head over to Rosen Digital and browse around. Now, given that you’re a loyal Gear Gods reader and Trey Xavier megafan, his producer pack is a perfect place to start.

Take the custom IR plunge and let us know how it goes, won’t cha? The tonal quest is arduous and unrelenting, but these tools might help. Happy shredding!

Update: Rosen Digital Audio is now Lancaster Audio.

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