Top 5 Djent Songs – Played On An ACOUSTIC Guitar?

Dean Murphy is one of my favorite extended-range guitarists, partially for the fact that he errs mainly on the side of clean sounds which is a bit of a rarity these days (and the rest is because he’s a phenomenal player and composer).


In this video, he demonstrates the meaning of dumb fun by playing his top 5 favorite djent riffs on his Agile 8 string acoustic guitar (see his review of it here), resulting in some interesting and hilarious tomfoolery.

And here’s some of Dean’s original music, just so you know he’s not just a goofball:

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  • my favorite part is the dog falling off the couch

  • Animals as Leaders sounds basically the same, haha

  • Where the hell can I get an 8-string acoustic?…

    • Rondo Music has them for VERY affordable prices. Google it, I don’t want to post a link and have it reported as spam. Might take a bit of searching on the site.

  • lol it sounds literally retarded like this i would not listen to it, instead of punchy tone you hear the string goes of tune LOL

  • >people think this music is good

    • I challenge you to be even half as talented as the bands he’s covering.

  • The LA hat lmao def making fun of them bro don’t lie!

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