Simultaneous Guitar/Keyboard Player Tackles “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Well, this is a refreshing way to hear this classic!  Gabriel Guardian (FYER/Immortal Guardian) decided to take this classic song by Guns and Roses and play it on both keyboard and guitar!  One thing I know for sure is that this cover sure is sweet!


Here is the official press release:

*Gabriel Guardian* of the progressive metal band *IMMORTAL GUARDIAN* and
the live electronic duo *FYER* has released a video that will make guitar
players around the world hang up their axes and call it a day. The
virtuosic 24 year old who is already sponsored by *Fender* and *Jackson
Guitars* as well as *Alesis* keyboards shows off his ambidextrous abilities
in this video inspired by the recent reunion tour of *Guns N Roses. *Guardian
can be seen harmonizing his own solos, bringing Axel’s vocals to life
through his expressive guitar playing, and adding face-melting tasteful
runs that would make Slash proud. More videos of Guardian’s unique
simultaneous shredding can be found at


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Lucas majored in Guitar/Music Technology at the University of Louisiana. He now uses this degree to decorate his wall.

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  • Had a friend who was doing this 15-20 years ago totally shredding stuff but didn’t ever want to do it as a performance because the use of a muter on the strings was in his opinion “weak”

    He was correct.

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