OLA ENGLUND And Friends Cover NEVERMORE’s “Sound of Silence” (Feat. DELTA EMPIRE and JOSEPH PARRY)


Holy moly, what a collab!

The internet’s riffmeister Ola Englund recently put out this cover of Nevermore‘s rendition of “Sound of Silence” (originally by Simon & Garfunkle). The track features Ola on guitar and bass, Delta Empire holding down drums as always, and Joseph Parry from Karhu rocking out on vocals. The dudes pretty much hit the nail on the head with this cover, while sprinkling in a few more modern elements to keep things fresh. Taking into account the production, performances, and overall sounds here, it’s safe to say they’ve done the song justice, to say the least.

You can subscribe to Ola’s Youtube channel here for all sorts of shredding, gear reviews, and general shenanigans. For more “Sound of Silence” covers, be sure to peep Kman2021’s cover with Drewsif Stalin, of which I have personally listened to at least 15 times, and might have a problem.

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