GIBSON vs EPIPHONE Blindfold Challenge – Can YOU Hear The Difference?

It’s an age-old battle – I’ve heard it many times: “Why would I pay that much for a Gibson when I can get an Epiphone for 1/4 of the price? All you’re paying for is the name.” While I know objectively that this is not true, you’re certainly paying a lot more for the name than you should be (although they seemed to heave eased up a bit after their 30% price hike of 2015) and the question remains – even with superior parts and craftsmanship, can you actually hear the difference? And if not, what is it that you’re actually paying for?


I think stuff like this is critical for challenging our presuppositions about gear. You have ears – therefore no one can tell you what sounds best except for you. If you take the price tags and country of origin away – would you feel the same way about the guitars?

Chappers, Rabea and the Captain have a fun time shooting out some guitars in this video – I suggest you get a blindfold of your own for maximum enjoyment.

Don’t get me wrong – in my experience, Epiphones are basically toys. But objectivity is all.

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  • The higher priced guitars are better built, but it is not a 1:1 correlation. Chappers even did a video about diminishing returns in the guitar market. I find that my favorite guitars are in the 600-1k price range because I can customize them and play with them without feeling bad about it.

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