We spoke to the Gojira guitarist/vocalist about his hard-to-duplicate vocal delivery, guitar rig, and the band's cab sim secret weapon.

Even if your band plays crustened black metal, you probably envy this band's guitar tone.

What's new in Baltimore? We spoke with the man behind the sounds of Magrudergrind, Noisem, Mutilation Rites, Full of Hell,

In other news, President Nixon has just resigned his post. And who is this Tosin Abasi guy?

Dude threw 5ths in my coffee once. I was pretty grossed out at the hygiene of it, but damn if

Not to be confused with the front-of-house mix team. What, you think Metallica is going to slum it by not

The '90s space rock genre kings had to entirely rethink their live setup for the reunion tour.

...Because, didn't he... you know... the... guitar.... flying V... what?

I was going to go for some topical Godzilla-esque title, about Marty Crossing the Pacific to terrorize Ben in New

The engineer/musicians talk shop about mastering, recording, and performing.

Synyster Gates on one of his more obscure influences, and a brief jam session to follow.

And a "best of Devin in the EMG studio montage" for good measure.

Watch him school you like a boss, or more like a tc electronic

Another quality interview from Guitar Center of all places.

Alex Wade, Ben Savage and Zach Householder on the writing of riffs for their new record Our Endless War.