It's just like the name says

Musical fractals, aliens, hyper-insane polyrhythms, and one of the strangest musical conspiracies of all time.

Engineers for Machine Head, The Contortionist, and Oceano share strategies and tools in their new Speed Mixing webinar.

And a hundred US tour dates! Well, maybe not that many.

"Inadequate" definitely doesn't refer to their guitar skills.

Why always on Father's Day? That's some serial killer shit right there.

TesseracT just slayin' it all exclusive for ya.

Rishabh gets sitar'ded with another brilliant cover.

This has got to be the best way to meet women, possibly ever.

A compact, ultralight powerful little beast of an amp.

A pocket-sized modular synth at a price point you can't afford not to buy.

Try and keep your head while watching this guy shred!

Yes Patrick, Mayones IS an instrument - a very fine one at that!

One of Gene's mythological kits is being auctioned off, with proceeds being donated to charity!