DYING FETUS’ Trey Williams Answers The Question: Who Is The Most EXTREME Band Out There?

Maryland’s Dying Fetus are one of death metal’s biggest names in recent years, and for good reason. They slay HARD. Our very own Trey hung out with their Trey on the recent 70,00o Tons of Metal cruise. Obviously being a big fan of cruises and face-ripping death metal, it’s safe to say our Trey was very stoked.


There’s a few issues with the main camera as it explains in the video. Therefore we get to see a nice close up of our Trey’s sweet sunburn lines from being outside of his mum’s basement for too long. Don’t let that distract you though as there’s some quality info here.

The two Treys talk about current bands that are pioneering the current death metal scene, on the cruise and off the ship. They also go in to detail about any tips and tricks for making sure you’re on top of your game when it comes to playing your instrument. Obviously in the death-metal world it is imperative that you are as good as you can be. If you’ve heard Dying Fetus before then you will know that that’s exactly what they are. Trey’s talent for furious and fast-paced drumming is one of the best in the game, so this dude knows what he’s talking about.

The band will be touring Europe in April with hardcore-heavyweights Hatebreed. So that will be a quiet night in. Or not. No doubt they will be smashing each venue to absolute waste every night along with setting the bar extremely high for Jamey Jasta and co. to follow. A daunting prospect, to say the least. Definitely go check them out if they come to a town near you, there’s a reason why this band are still going strong after all these years.

This video makes me want to get a ticket for next year’s cruise.

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