REVOCATION’s Ash Pearson Interview on the 70,000 Tons of Metal

Metal Blade’s Revocation are one of the most exciting death metal bands around. Their unique style of fast, brutal extreme metal is truly punishing. They recently played on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise and pretty much sank the boat with their outright heaviness. Our Trey caught up with drummer Ash Pearson to shoot the shit.


The lads talk about who Ash is excited to see and the list he reels off just goes to shows how rad the line-up for the cruise actually is. It sounds like an absolute laugh riot as well, hanging out on a ship with friends from other bands, drinking and watching some awesome music. I’m hoping Trey takes me next time.

The boys also speak about what it’s like playing on a ship as opposed to a venue on stable dry land. As Ash mentions he can feel the sway of the boat all the time, even when playing. which must be a pretty strange feeling. As usual though when playing shows he gets on with shit even if all conditions aren’t exactly perfect.

Ash has played in 3 Inches of Blood before his time in Revocation and is a ridiculously talented drummer. Versatile as well as technically brilliant, he tells Trey that he makes the effort to stay humble and not let the fact he is in a great band go to his head.

Revocation will be on a long-ass US tour in May with death metal giants Morbid Angel and Suffocation. If you have chance to go see the tour you definitely should go and get your face ripped off. That is an utterly monstrous lineup if you are a fan of music of the heavy persuasion.

Give the interview a watch and learn some stuff about being good at your craft but not becoming a massive egotistical typical rock star asshole.

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