February 2016

A new 7 string model and a budget 6 string to boot!

"I totally value your girlfriend's input on this project. She sounds like she knows what she's talking about."

Check out the first of our exclusive studio interview videos.

Andrew Baena commits heresy, and it feels so good.

Are they screaming for vengeance and forged from British steel, or will you need a painkiller?

We ask members of Exodus, Gorguts, The Sword, and more, about what piece of gear they absolutely can't hit the

Report to the Dean for a performance of "River Country"

If you win, you have to scream "Hellelujah!" or it doesn't count.

The shells on one of these kits have actual tiny bits of cymbal in them!

Face it baby - this interface is in your face!

Seaboard overboard!