December 2015

Mongolian Folk Metallers perform live in the studio.

If only Marty McFly could plug this into his gigantic amp

We check in with Rob, Scotty, and Eli of the powerhouse prog outfit Dopapod to talk delicious analog gear.

The list to end all lists

The closest you've come to learning how to play this song

What gear of 2015 made our list?

Retox, Baroness, Kamasi Washington all came close, but there was only one true contender when it came to the best

All 31 pieces of the orchestra, replaced with

Clip together a dynamic mic and a pencil condenser in perfect phase.

Being comfortable on your instrument is one of the hardest things a musician can achieve - but how should you

Somewhere far beyond the red mirror, after nightfall, we took a look at guitars and drums and stuff.