February 2015

A pretty floral blue one and an entry level model.

New commercial from Orange Amplification hits all the right spots.

The Rick Astley of instrumental guitar begins his meteoric rise - you saw it here first.

Everything is not OK in Westlake, California, according to former employees and inside reports.

A new kind of interface for recording guitar - tube USB.

Fire, Water, Air - all they're missing is Earth and the (less popular) Heart and they could have a Captain

Oodles of doodles for your guitar noodles.

We're giving away 72 Dunlop John Petrucci Jazz III picks!

Why catch lightning in a bottle when you can catch sauce in a box?

We got a firsthand look at ProMark's new sticks, the Select Balanced.

Perfect for the Lynch Mob, Stryper, and Queensryche fans in your family!

Yvette lives in an alternate universe with 35 hours in a day, so she's good at everything.

Lambo Orange KM-7? Yes please.