February 2015

Big and Ugly? More like Big and Foxy!

Kurt Ballou and Brian Izzi of Trap Them run the table on the ultimate Swedish Death Metal pedal.

Would a rose by any other name jam as sweet?

This year sees a wider release of the much-vaunted Powerstroke 77 and 3 snare/kick heads.

IK has some new mobile stuff for 2015, both iPhone and Android.

Between the new album and the new signature guitar and me.

Click here to learn the subtle art of LUCID. COLLECTIVE. SOMNAMBULATION.

I guarantee you have not heard anything like this Java-synth song today!

Now you can mainline the Darkest of all Glass straight into your bass.

A stripped-down version of the Masvidalien from the US production line.

Drummer Dan Carle's got the chops - above and below.

Here's how Skynet will transmit instructions to you.

Makers of Metal Evolution, Global Metal, and documentaries about Iron Maiden and Rush, are back with Rock Icons