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Have a listen to this year's new compression and fuzz pedal units!

Plus a new acoustic preamp, and a compressor pedal that'll grab you by the monkey.

They've got a bunch of new stuff including a headless guitar model and fanned fret bass range.

The Alpha Omega pedal is two kinds of distortions in the one box.

Maaate, Ormsby now have a headless multiscale model.

Here's something you don't see every day!

Get touchy-feely and express yourself with this MIDI controller.

So THAT'S what he was singing when his microphone was off!

The "V" stands for "very, very excellent," I'm assuming.

The unlamest synthesizer of all time gets a firmware facelift!

The in-ear experts at Westone threw down some knowledge.

Jensen Loudspeakers have a sweet new line of neodymium magnet speakers for your cab. Have a listen.