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Young guitar prodigy Zac Tiessen was recently over at the EMGtv studios and recorded this epic playthrough. For fans of

Save yourself 435034985340 trips to the tracking room and dial in the perfect sound from your chair.

It was the Goddess Gagged song 'Modern Machines' that created the punny name for my Quiche, which was stuffed with

Tosin and Fishman are just dominating the pickup game, no big deal.

See, bass players get cool toys too sometimes.

I think this guy might actually like getting punched.

Have a listen to this year's new compression and fuzz pedal units!

Plus a new acoustic preamp, and a compressor pedal that'll grab you by the monkey.

They've got a bunch of new stuff including a headless guitar model and fanned fret bass range.

The Alpha Omega pedal is two kinds of distortions in the one box.