Gear News

Fountainhead spouts the love for his dank new signature Winspear picks, so water you waiting for?

The iconic drummer just launched a shop selling a TON of his gear!

Don't worry, you only need 11 fingers for this.

Streamlining your workflow isn't just to make your job easier - it's a necessity to stay competitive.

Why always on Father's Day? That's some serial killer shit right there.

For when you gotta give your tone a lil' squeeze.

Electro-Harmonix Battalion, reporting for duty sir.

The makers of some of the planet's godliest heavy amps dive headfirst into Grandpa's guitars territory.

A limited edition Explorer with some of Lee's signature touches.

A pocket-sized modular synth at a price point you can't afford not to buy.

The one drum plugin collection to rule them all.

Advanced sampling/modeling tech = the best sounding virtual synths out there

Bald heads, beards, and bass tones: is there anything better?

The world loses an absolute legend.

It may not make you one of the the most disciplined combatants in all of history, but it'll sure make