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Drewsif and I have an intimate encounter.

We go behind the scenes with the guy responsible for bringing some killer musicians and recording engineers into a studio

If there were a competition as to who has the most expensive rig that we've covered, Circuitry may be the

No, the Eureka Prom is not a formal dance for people who are really into science.

In other news, I think Nolly's basses are sentient killing machines, sent back from the future to kill Sarah Conner.

The Intervals/Skyharbor/Jeff Loomis drummer has production chops, drum super chops, and apparently chops up his guitar tracks into recordable bites.

Dan may own his own record label, but when will he open a bed and breakfast called "Between the Berries

What, did you think the tracking of their next album would put a hold on their constant social media barrage?

The '90s space rock genre kings had to entirely rethink their live setup for the reunion tour.

The makers of Axe-FX want you to step on them.

And a "best of Devin in the EMG studio montage" for good measure.