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There's going to be a lot of winners on this contest. But only one of them could be YOU.

Djentstick uber alles.

It's fine that everyone's using extended range strings now, but let's at lease use the entirety of that range.

A drumkit rundown that Yamaha filmed.

Because Gibson just built that: the Memory Cable.

Starring guitarist Max Short, and very special guest: film grain.

Fanned frets, true temperament, and 8-strings would likely be three too many challenges for my stupid fingers.

What's lacking in technical details is made up for in enthusiasm and evil staffs.

A badass hybrid rudiment lesson from instructor Mike Huestis.

What exactly is the "Necrotic Manifesto?" Is it a propaganda piece to sway our minds, convince us that our flesh

Thick Orange/Framus tones from the Danish Doommeisters.

A look at the bridge that prevents your guitar from ever going out of tune, on a guitar owned by

He released the first part of a drum tutorial series, because he cares about your growth as a human being.

The RJM-sponsored gear rundown focuses on his midi switching setup.

I hope you've caught this tour, because you many never get a chance for live Cloudkicker again.