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A look into the tracking process behind Hubado, the 2013 award winner for "Best Soundtrack to your Abstractly Unraveling Reality."

There's something about the last name "Abbott" I guess.

Also, the perils of poorly researching your interview.

A Q&A with the man behind all of the beats and fills of Toontrack's new Metal! Midi software.

Um, spoilers, don't look at the image.

Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl, but EBMM haven't got a lot to say.

Their album came out almost a year ago and they've been touring on it almost non-stop.

One Antarctica mystery solved, two more to go

He's a cyborg sent from the future to make you look bad at guitar by comparison

We ask one question to several bands to get their feedback.

The band has made some major amplification changes since their last album.

Straight from Romania to your-brain-ia

Felix Martin's monster guitar should go on a date with Jean Baudin's insane bass.