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You couldn't afford their guitars, now you can't afford their amps!

And if the guitar you install it into is used for post-rock, then is it a space ghost?

It's not often that I get to pun with our category tags.

For those of you with an itchy trigger

Straight from God City. If you want to up your recording game with lessons from one of loud music's most

Someone tell them to light the rest of the torches in the room to trigger the exit.

For anyone who thinks a real piano is too hard and pokey

English accents will make me believe anything, like that a bass can have a low F# string.

The only thing crazier is listening to two layers of this video, with them 5 seconds off sync, like I

The second-class citizens of the mobile OS world deserve rudiment lessons too.

There may or may not be several masks and Gary Holt involved.

We get the details on the band's experimental new EP, Clear, and talk about his new signature pickups and forthcoming

You'll never guess what happens next