Moog’s Theremini Makes it Easy to Master the Theremin, Feel Like a Time Mage

I think it’s natural, the urge to want to master the theremin. It roots in a basic desire to be a wizard that bends time and space. The hand gestures required by the theremin, matched with the planetarium on acid sounds that result, certainly go a long way towards making you feel like Neil deGandalf Tyson. Suitably dramatic facial gestures of intense concentration don’t hurt either.


Moog want to aid you in your quest, so they’ve created the Theremini. This little $300 wunderbox packs in everything you need save a black light. Built-in speakers, a small form factor, presets, delay, midi control, usb, pitch correction… pitch correction? Yeah, they’ve added an easy mode. Part of the difficulty of a theremin lies in the infinite number of notes it can generate. There are no steps on a theremin, or at least there were none. The Theremini allows you to lock the the notes in so you don’t have to deal with those pesky in-between tones. I mean, you have enough to worry about with the whole intangibility of the thing.

Theremini Front Panel

“Learning to play a traditional Theremin is extremely difficult because there’s no tactile feedback, so you have to rely completely on your ears,” said Moog Music CEO Mike Adams. “The theremini has built-in tools that not only help users learn to play, but also teach pitch recognition and scales. Now anyone can play immediately.”

Dorit Chrysler, co-founder of the New York Theremin Society, has that mystical space wizard look fucking down man. Look at that visage of absolute gravity hewn upon her brow. Watch in still reverence as she demonstrates this most ethereal of all instruments.

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