KEMPER’s Changes The Profiling Game With New Liquid Profiling Tech

Kemper just dropped their new liquid profiling technology and it’s completely insane.


Kemper‘s new liquid profiling technology is available with the PROFILER OS 10.0 update, currently as a public beta. But what the hell is it? Long story short, liquid profiling means better profiling of existing amplifiers with less tweaking and with way more options.

“Well, it works basically exactly like the ‘former’ profiling process,” wrote Kemper. “Just add the step selecting the target amp model from the menu. Then profile ‘that’ amp head through your trusted 4×12″ with your favorite microphones and Mic-Pres. Done! Compared to your regular Profiles the Liquid Profile now features the exact authentic Tonstack and authentic ‘gain-behaviour.’ The limits of the snapshots are a thing of the past.”

Currently, the OS 10.0 public beta is available for free from the Kemper Website. Kemper also points out that it is recommended to not use beta versions for production and touring, because y’know – it’s a beta. Stuff goes wrong.

You can also get yourself a Kemper right here.

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