ATKIN Gets Into Electric Guitars With Blinding Neon Throwback, The Eighty-Five

Atkin has taken an extremely hard left off course from their usual acoustic offering to bring fans a shred machine straight outta the eighties! Seriously, you can still smell the hairspray and spandex on this thing, and I’m not sure what exactly the white powder on the headstock is.


Atkin has introduced their Atkin Eighty-Five, featuring a lightweight two piece poplar body, a slim C-to-D profile neck with a rounded-off neck heel area, and the option of either a rosewood fingerboard with mother-of-pearl fret details or a maple board with custom pink acrylic fret dots and position markers. The Eighty-Five also comes loaded with either a Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucker or a Bare Knuckle Aftermath humbucker, depending on what style of classic riffs you’re going for.

So why not only get into the electric guitar game, but do it this loudly? Atkin owner Alister Atkin said it’s all about being a throwback.

“As children of the 80s, it felt only right that our first electric guitar should take us back to the era that inspired so many. The Eighty-Five is our loving tribute to all that is cool about the loudest, boldest period in rock history.”

There doesn’t appear to be a release date for the Atkin Eighty-Five just yet.

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