NICK JOHNSTON – “The Making of Remarkably Human” Mini Documentary

Nick Johnston put out a visual companion to his recently released fourth solo album, Remarkably Human. It’s a mini documentary highlighting the production of the record and the mastermind’s headspace before and during the album’s creation.


We all know Nick Johnston is an absolute monster player who seems like he’s reached peak godliness to all of us unworthy plebs, so it’s interesting to hear him talk about trying to push himself to create better and better art. There’s also some great insight from Nick’s co-producer, Scott Giffin, on what it’s like to just be around and work with such massive talent.

To top it all off, the whole thing is quite beautifully shot and produced, and is well worth your time whether you’re familiar with his work or not (and let’s face it, you should be).

In the documentary, Nick Johnston says he feels like Remarkably Human is his best work yet, and is wholly reflective of his growth and experience as an artist up until this point. And Gavin Harrison played drums. Come on, dude. It’s time to give it a listen. Like, what’s holding you back? And Bryan Beller, who works with Guthrie Govan in The Aristocrats and is a damn beast himself, played bass.

Remarkably Human’s been out just over a month now, so you’re out of excuses. Check it out, along with what else Nick’s been up to, here.

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