Gear News

Zakk Wylde has left Gibson and Marshall to form his own guitar and amp company.

A 5 string bass - but with a HIGHER string instead of a low one?

You'll go 5150 over this little 6505, but only if she's 5'3".

If you only knew the power of the dark side

...or even add an effects loop to an amp that doesn't have one. I can think of several great uses

Maybe Lincoln Hall is the neighbor of the neighbor of the beast?

Pointy, but with a touch of classy this year.

Squeeze the tone out of your guitar!

It's pretty much everyone in metal condensed into a super-concert with a dangerous gravitational pull, and you can live stream

I'm trying to figure out the naming connection between a Gibson explorer and R2D2, but I'm at a loss.

But don't worry, the EQP-WA keeps the vintage blue color intact.