Gear News

A performance-enhancing guitar that you probably need a prescription to own.

Save the annotations!

The Opeth guitarists give a comprehensive run-through of their current live setups.

Dr. Freakenstein and Igor are the pair your bassist's board needs.

Customizeable, portable, affordable: it's modulation, baby!

Satchel bottled up his "Viagra Substitute" and assembled the "Pussy Melter" as some signature patches for TC Electronic's TonePrint collection.

The Helix rackmount and Helix Floor have a little bro now, man.

Now bringing the design of the Aries to bassists.

A lightweight addition to the KRONOS family!

Making tuning the least of your worries.

Lava Guitars made this incredible guitar from a chunk of ancient Baltic amber. It's priced accordingly.