Gear News

All the toney goodness from metal-producing legend Will Putney!

Cormorant are back with a new album of Progressive Blackened-Death bangers.

Wanna make your guitar a touch-screen? The future is now.

The DrēmTrigger is an ultra-portable drum trigger unit that has it’s own built-in sound module. Pretty damn cool, right?

A vintage-sounding mic that won't put your bank out of business.

Prog-synth lords have fresh road legs after supporting jaunts with Periphery and Horse the Band.

Is this a glimpse into the wacky future of music formats?

DF-Clarify won't harsh your mellow. It does exactly the opposite, actually.

Double double up up those those tones tones.

A performance-enhancing guitar that you probably need a prescription to own.

Save the annotations!